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Jason Stauch is an expert in astrodynamics, spacecraft navigation, modeling and simulation, and space situational awareness (SSA). He spent the past 8 years performing research and development in SSA and his research has led to advancements and delivery of a novel, end-to-end detect, track, identification and characterization capability on a large catalog of GEO objects. As the astrodynamics team lead, Jason is responsible for delivering cutting edge astrodynamics capabilities into the company’s products, taking data from a variety of sources and transforming it into actionable information. This includes multi-phenomenology, multi-source data curation, provenance, validation and fusion, orbit determination, characterization, conjunction assessment, maneuver detection, indications and warnings, TT&C analysis, failure/anomaly detection and forensics, behavior assessment and prediction, and knowledge graph representation. Jason is passionate about space endeavors. He has worked on the navigation team of Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars Odyssey mission and Cassini mission to Saturn and the guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) efforts for commercial supply vehicles to the International Space Station (ISS). He earned a Bachelors of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters of Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado.

Space Data Fusion

Space Traffic Management and Data Fusion
By Jason Stauch / August 4, 2020
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